One of my favourite things about modern contemporary art is how it is open to interpretation.

Sometimes it may just look like a blob of paint, but if you look closer, it is actually something more. Can you tell what this painting is?

It is an lady sitting sideways on the left, facing a window! The blob on the upper left is her head (tied up in a bun), followed by her body. If you look closer, you can even see her hands with five fingers at the lower center of the canvas.

This painting is one of my absolute favourites! From this angle, you can see a nude lady standing up proud on the left and another clothed lady kneeling down on the right. It’s a bit faded in this photo, but she’s there inside the third arch on the right in the background.

From another angle, their status of clothing is exchanged and the lady on the left is clothed, while the kneeling lady on the right is nude. How cool is that? I believe the message here is that clothing does not define a woman. The woman herself and how she carries herself is what defines her. The positioning of the audience is also an interesting choice.

From a distant, it looked like a regular portrait of a girl with a black background. But if you step closer, it is actually a black canvas made out of lots and lots of tiny holes! Pretty neat!

A photo of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange from back in the days. There’s nothing very artistically intriguing about it besides the perfectly symmetrical diamond shape it creates. But the subject matter just warms my heart- probably because I grew up seeing this image everyday on TV and it brings back childhood memories!

It’s a fairly simple portrait, but clearly this is Karl Lagerfeld. It’s the suit with the skinny tie, the shades and the white hair. It’s always amazing to realize how iconic one man has become.

Drawings of a cute little Japanese girl with a message. Isn’t she adorable?

Hmm… I think I need another post to show you everything I loved about the HK Art Fair.