10 Things about BG

  1. I use to be one of the former co-bloggers of I am Fashion, a fashion blog that my friend HG and I started freshmen year of college. We graduated and decided that it was time to move on and so here I am
  2. Unlike people my own age, I’d take a cup of tea and some scones in a nice cozy lounge over a cosmo at a trendy bar anytime
  3. I  grew up in Hong Kong. I speak fluent Cantonese but am pretty bad at reading/writing Chinese, because I wasn’t smart enough to get into a local school when I was a kid, so my parents stuck me in an international school where English was all I needed
  4. I started on the art of shopping early with my mom. That is probably why I take after her and my sense of style veers towards the classic, feminine and girly. Though I do try to spice up the classic occasionally with vibrant hues, headbands and funky tights
  5. I idolize Warren Buffet and have total faith in the power of franchise
  6. I love taking pictures of myself inside changing rooms with my phone camera in crazy outfits which I’d never consider actually buying. Though sometimes, I surprise myself
  7. I’d love to write something cute here about my pets or my love of pets etc, but the truth is, I’m not much of an animal person. I don’t understand why people keep on sending me pictures of their pets as if they were their kids. I don’t find pictures of  cats pretending to play the guitar adorable. I prefer animals on my plate or on my coat
  8. I love TV shows. I watch everything from Gossip Girl, Damages to House. There is something so pleasant about watching hours and hours of mindless TV shows. I also occasionally watch Taiwanese drama, even though they’re super sappy and people in real life cannot possibly act like that. But I’ve convinced myself that I watch them to “improve” my mandarin skills
  9. I have a very sweet tooth and a separate stomache for them. I especially have a weakness for cupcakes
  10. I recently moved back to Hong Kong (my hometown!) and am currently trying to find a job in the “right direction”. I’ll let you know how that goes………..

(updated as of 3/13/2010)

12 thoughts on “10 Things about BG”

  1. I love Taiwanese dramas (and Japanese ones) though I have to watch them w/ subtitles. As a Chinese born American, I don’t speak a word of Cantonese or Mandarin. (though I’m nearly fluent in Spanish =)) I started “Hana Kimi” and “Romantic Princess” on youtube. They’re so cute, haha. (Also have you heard of S.H.E. the band?)

  2. Barneys Girl said:

    Haha. What a coincidence, I am actually listening to S.H.E right now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Romantic Princess! I started wearing gray eye shadow because of xiao mai and wuzhun is so incredibly good looking!

  3. BG you are fantastic! I adore this blog, and tea and scones too

  4. Barneys Girl, you are ace. I’m so glad I found your blog, its so fun!

  5. Random comment: I watch Damages too, for the fashion as well as the plots! I’ve found it hard to draw the line between creative and conservative in my work clothes (my natural style veers towards creative, more than classic, squashing my impulse to try experimental fashions is a downer for me!), but I watch Damages partly because seeing what styles, hair, jewelry, etc, Rose Byrne’s character is sporting is a good source of ideas.

  6. Barneys Girl said:

    I love observing Ellen’s work fashion too! I think her wardrobe has vastly improved this season!

  7. I’m pretty much the same as you Language wise (except I speak Mandarin). I’m fluent in terms of listening and speaking but suck at reading and writing. I’m going to be taking my Mandarin GCSE in May… Ohh dearr.

  8. Ah I love S.H.E! It started with Zen Me Ban (spelled wrong probably) and then progressed.

  9. Tea and scones – very British =) But agree with you, nothing beats a session of afternoon tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Btw – like your blog =)


  10. stopping by from iamfashion 🙂

  11. Yea! I prefer animals on my plate too!

  12. Where do you work?

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