How to Contact Me

Frankly I don’t check my emails anymore. But I do glance at the latest comments on the most recent posts. Unless you are spam, in which case my eyes just naturally glaze over you. So if you have anything constructive to say.. you know where to find me.

13 thoughts on “How to Contact Me”

  1. Matthew E. McFetridge said:


    Just read you blog today and noticed that you may be moving on from your blog. I would love to take it over… how much do you want for it?

    Please let me know…



  2. Matthew E. McFetridge said:

    that was for the other blog “I am Fashion”

  3. your blog is TOTALLY confusing…what is that, bull vs celtic? phew, so dissapointing!!! NOT a fashion blog anymore. Bottom line, you and HG ‘divorce’ is, i can say, you are not a qualified as a ‘fashion blog’ writer…

  4. Totally disagree with dys your blog is amazing 😀

  5. David Nie said:

    Why you don’t put some writings on movie review ?
    People may like this.

  6. “teawithbg presskit/samples.”

    Hi BG,

    We Love your blog here at SHE and would love for you to stop by our site and see what you think. We also would love to send you a special gift from Please let us know the best address to send it to.

    Thank You,

    Team SHE

  7. I love you website and was wondering if you could check mine out and pass some tips over!
    Bless you, Rain x

  8. Re: teawithbg link request

    love reading since the iamfashion days, please link me too!

  9. I’d love to follow this blog- I hope it doesn’t change =)

  10. Excellent blog,

    check out mine if you’d like. I’d appreciate some wisdom from a veteran!


  11. Hey! I started reading the old blog on blogspot and moved to this one love seening new posts, and would love to be a “tea buddie”. Would mean a lot to me.
    -Thanks Jessica

  12. Hey!
    I love very much to read this blog. This blog give me lots of inspiration.

  13. Hey I Cant find your email BG

    We are a fashion retailer who sells Asian inspired clothing, We source and design everything in Thailand and have a store in Santa Fe.

    We are interested in designing an advertisement for you old blog: iamfashion and your new blog teawithbg.

    How much will this cost please email me @

    Thank you

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