Feeling bored the other day, I stalked my friend’s Facebook pictures and noticed that her scarf looked really pretty. I instantly knew from the picture that it was a cashmere Vuitton scarf.


After a little research I confirmed that it was the Vuitton Reykjavik Muffler (I was also right about the 100% cashmere part). I must admit, if I had only saw this picture of the scarf (left), I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. It looks like any old Vuitton scarf with it’s logo plastered all over. But what they don’t show you on the web (and they really should) is how one side is the reverse of the other (see right for a better illustration for what I’m trying, and failing, to describe). The black/white color contrast further sharpens this effect. It is the one redeeming quality of this scarf that makes me love it instead of hate it. Instead of a walking Vuitton advertisement, the flowers and logo suddenly looks refreshing, playful and cute! It is by no means subtle, but at least the contrast and the size of the logos differentiate it from the regular Vuitton monogram *yawn*. And as long as you don’t wear it with a mongrammed Vuitton bag or printed anything, this would be a great accessory to liven up the rest of the dreary winter.


If you DO like your outfit printed though, I like this Mahina knit scarf as an alternative. The monograms are very subtly perforated (read punched) into the scarf, so effectively it is a black scarf, which you can match with anything. But to the observant and those in the know, we all know that this scarf is special. It is not 100% cashmere, but with some lurex and silk in the mix, I’m sure it’ll feel just as divine. It will probably even make it pass winter and into the summer as a shawl for a cold night!

I’m usually not a Vuitton girl (not for scarves anwyay), but maybe it is time to reassess my initial perceptions. Not that I’m going to run out and buy one, but oh, it is nice to pretend.

Image Source: ELuxury