The first thing I said upon stepping out of the cinema after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic was, “I want that green scarf!”


I’m not much of a green girl myself, but  this rich kelly green scarf swayed me- especially seeing how it matched seamlessly with Rebecca’s orange plaid coat and electric blue outfit underneath without even a hint of “carrot-ness.” The crinkly design also very simply and elegantly distinguishes it from a regular plain green scarf making it special. And trust me this scarf is special. After spending a LOT of time googling trying to find it (if it is indeed $120, then I definitelywant it), I discovered that it is an one of a kind inspired by Dolce and Gabanna a few years ago.


The closest one I found was this Yigal Azrouel scarf from Intermix. I’m definitely not about to fork out $288 for a jersey scarf though (for that price, it better be cashmere or silk!). Sigh… it will probably take high street a few months to come up with a decent replica.


The next comment I made was, “I want bright and bold colored leather gloves!” It never occurred to me I wanted them before, but throughout the movie her bright gloves just kept popping out at me. Not everyone can afford the whole Becky Bloomwood wardrobe of bold colors and prints, but we can all take a tip from her and invest in a pair of bold colored gloves to brighten up our winter wardrobe.


I even know what shade I’d like. Ideally I’d love a pair of magenta or bright blue (above center) colored leather gloves. Unfortunately, I’ve already checked most places I can think of (Forver 21, Urban Outfitters, Bloomies, J Crew, Club Monaco…) but haven’t come across the one yet.

Note to self 1: Not that you need anymore coats, but keep a lookout for a black peacoat with white checks (above center).

Note to self 2: If you ever go to Japan in the near future, also watch out for aborable cropped magenta puffy jackets and and purple boots with cute furry snowballs dangling.

Side note: Anyone notice that the white Milly coat with black plaid (right), was also worn by the bag lady at the end of the movie? I didn’t catch it myself, until I read about it online.


I DID however come across a pair of lilac colored leather gloves at a small boutique at 20% off that made me feel a little like how Becky must have feel in the picture above. But HG convinced me that if it is not exactly what I’m looking for then I should wait. Hopefully high street will hear my call for crinkly green scarves and bright colored gloves for next season.

As for the movie itself, it did not quite measure up to the book. But on its own, it is still quite a cute movie. Who can resist a movie with a cute guy with a British accent that speaks Prada and lots of gorgeous outfits?

Image Source: Blue Fly, Intermix and Yahoo Movies