Shopping makes me happy. Each purchase gives me a thrill. So you can imagine how dull the past two months have been given that it is only the beginning of SS09 collections and nothing is on sale yet (though they are about to start). I switched from stalking Shopbop and Saks to stalking the goods on Scottrades for a while, but even that has gotten too expensive lately. Luckily, the other day over steak with the girls, I was freshly inspired.


For the whole evening I couldn’t help but stare at my friends S’s huge flower ring and A’s adorable black/white camelia earrings. I thought the ring, being such a big fashion statement, must be super expensive and that the earrings, must surely be Chanel. I couldn’t help but confirm my suspiciouns anyway at the end of the evening and guess what? They’re cheap!  Yes, that’s right. Both are from Forever 21 for less than $10! I was so excited that I immediately made them go with me to Forever 21 after dinner. But alas, the one on Michigan Ave closes at 9.30pm on a Friday.

Of course I went home and stalked the website. After much perusal, I selected the above as the perfect accessories to start the SS09 season with:

  1. A’s adorable dangly camelia earrings in white or magenta. I can’t quite decide. One is classic but summery, and the other is bright and girly!
  2. S’s big flower ring in red (the bottom right one). Red just because it’s Spring (they have it in black as well that is very Chanel).
  3. The multi color rhinestone ring, that reminds me a bit of Dior. Loves it!
  4. Floral print mini skirt. I’m usually not a fan of Forever 21 clothing, because they never fit me or they break (either that or I’m deformed and am very careless), but this skirt looks safe enough. Pair it with a leather jacket, a gorgeous bag and some killer shoes and no one needs to know that the hemms are frailing!

The key to wearing the accessories without it looking the price is to pair it with something very simple but appropriate such that the accessory is part of the outfit. i.e. my friend paired her big ring with a simple black cardigan over her patent Members leggings and red Louboutin heels- perfect. And of course, knowing that you are worth a million dollars helps too!


If you are still clinging to the fall/winter (or cannot help but be due to the weather), here are some elegant classics. I especially love the black cube ring and the simple black pendant. The huge side bow of the purple headband may look a bit crazy, but I can imagine it being the center piece of a fab outfit (paired with a black tux jacket perhaps?)!

So if you are looking for some cheap thrills to last you until sale season, you know where to start!  

Image Source: Forever 21