My friend R just got back from San Francisco andtold me that she got Marc by Marc Jacob rainboots for less than $30. My first reaction was, “are they printed with lots of hearts and M’s on it in a weird color?”

When she replied no, I thought “Wow they must be on really good sale!” and asked “Where on earth did you find such good deal in SF?”

“From the Marc by Marc Jacobs store and they were not on sale” she replied with a smile from a girl who knows she got a good bargain.

I was flabbergasted! How could this be? The cheapest pair I can find googling Marc by MJ rainboots is more than $40, and frankly they are not that attractive. Finally R resolved the mystery by pointing me to the Special Items section on the Marc by MJ website.


Apparently it is part of a collection of “Special Items” sold only at Marc by MJ stores for a very low price. It’s been around for a while, but I guess I just never went into the right store or never noticed because I assumed everything is expensive in the store and focused my efforts on the key items that I liked.  I’m not generally an advocate of buying something just because it comes from a brand name, but these rainboots are seriously cute! They a classic and easy to match in black, with bright pops of color on the heel and buckle that makes it special, fun and young. I’m really kicking myself now for not waiting a little bit longer in buying my Target rainboots. After much consideration I had decided to go for the Target pokka dot ones, because I figured I can just kick around with them and throw them away without too much sorrow after a season. But now that I know I can get these ones for $5 more…….. mine pale in comparison. At the very least, with these Marc by MJ ones, I won’t have to worry about water leaking in (I read some pretty scary reviews on the Target one about water seeping in and the sole coming off!).


 Naturally other cute items on the website caught my eyes too. I especially like the lipstick pen and the bracelet!

Image Source: Marc by MJ