At the persuasion of a friend, I bidded for 2010 FIFA World Cup tickets back in March. It was the first phase of ticket sales, and tickets are selected on a lottery basis. I figured that I’d have nothing to lose. In the unlikely chance that I get good tickets, I can just resell them and earn a hefty profit on Ebay. It is the World Cup after all, the number one sport everywhere besides the US. There are bound to be lots of wealthy individuals eager for some good tickets. And if I do happen to get finals tickets…. well maybe then I’d consider trekking all the way to South Africa. As luck would have it….

Product Category No of Tickets Status Amount to Pay
Match 60, QF – W55 v W56 – 3 July, Johannesburg 20.30 CAT1 4 Successful 1,200.00
Match 58, QF – W49 v W50 – 2 July, Johannesburg 20.30 CAT1 4 Successful 1,200.00
Match 56, R16 – 1H v 2G – 29 June, Cape Town 20.30 CAT1 4 Successful 800.00
Match 62, SF – W59 v W60 – 7 July, Durban 20.30 CAT1 4 Successful 2,400.00

…. I did get pretty decent tickets. Out of the 7 requests I could make, I got 4 of them. I didn’t get the finals, but I did get 4 first class tickets to see the semi finals. And another 8 to see the quarter finals. That’s pretty good!

In case you’re wondering though, no, I have not forked out $5600 for these yet. Now that I have them, all my daydreaming about reselling them for a ridiculous amount has become a possibility and I’m chickening out. I’m getting worried about the reselling policies. I don’t want to fork out $5600 right now, just in case I can’t resell them (I don’t like soccer that much). Also, what if no one WANTS it? It IS the recession and it IS in South Africa. I’m sure that it is very civilized there now and they will clean it up even more before the World Cup (just like they did in Beijing), but still it’s hard to get the image of the apartheid and the stories you’ve heard over the years out of your head. I don’t mean to be small minded, but I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this…….. which will definitely affect the resell value! And I checked, I don’t think I can just buy the semi final tickets. I have to buy them all. What to do…

I wonder why I’m  “lucky” enough to get a bunch of World Cup tickets and yet I’ve never gotten even one number in the lottery.