Update: They finally arrived the other week. I stepped into them and felt instantly elevated. Everything looks different from up there! I walked around my apartment in them all night and refused to take them off until I went to bed. The balance is a bit precarious, but definitely not painful. I’ll just have to carefully choose my occasion to wear them (it has still not made it’s debut yet). One downside though is that because it’s such a light color, the leather changes color when you drop water on it. I tried spraying it with some apple guard, I think it made the lleather color half a shade darker even after it dried. I then flicked water on it. Sadly it did not slide off as I’d hope it would. Hopefully though the apple guard will still provide it with some protection like it does Vuitton bag handles.

Did I mention that 2 days after I bought it, Shopbop went on a 20% off on sale shoe special sale? I was very upset!


Oh stress, look what you made me buy this weekend:

Frye Grace Woven T Strap Platform Sandals2

At 4.5″, this pair of Frye Grace woven t strap platform sandal completely goes against my sensible and practical nature. I might fall on my face or twist my ankle trying to walk in them. Either way, given my clumsy nature, I will most probably hurt myself.

On the other hand, my shoe radar has been picking up a lot crazy high sandals this season. And so, pushed by stress and weekend blues (yes it is possible to get the blues even on weekends!), I rationed that with the 2.25″ platform they are effectively only 3.25″ high- not too impossible to walk in. If models can walk in 6″ heels, I should at least learn to walk in 3.25″ ones. Besides, while these sandals are crazy high (to my standards), they’re not crazy crazy. The style itself is very simple, elegant and girly, striking a good balance between crazy and pretty.

I debated between the dark brown and the natural. The dark brown is classic, and reminds me of this pair of Miu Miu’s HG bought a few years back (which are still very pretty and wearable!). The natural is more girly and pretty, and will fit in better with the whole nude theme going on lately. In the end my friend G convinced me that the natural color would look better on me because it would create the illusion that they are an extension of my legs- you can’t beat that logic!

P.S. In honor of these gorgeous platform sandals, I’ve decided to name my BA II Plus Professional calculator “Grace.”

Image Source: ShopBop