Update: *sniff* I am so upset. I threw my shades into my bag the other day (usually nothing happens to it) and discovered a SCRATCH on the right lens the next day. It’s not a small scratch either, it is a significant scratch that actually blocks my vision because it’s smack in the middle!!!! *sniff* I wonder if the good people over at the optical shop can perform some kind of magic and somehow fix it….


It’s amazing how inspiration and mood works. When I should be focused on studying/cramming, blogging inspiration comes flooding in. But when I have nothing better to do in the world but to watch mindless TV (not that there are any good shows left still showing) and escape into a good book, my mind draws blank. Clearly from my lack of posts recently, I’m going through one of those times.

Odd Shaped Shades- Chanel

I did come across another fun  article yesterday about round shades this summer though. It tries to investigate from where this trend had stemmed from, coming up with explanations from John Lennon to hippies. I thought the author tried a little bit too hard to explain the sometimes inexplicable, but there were some interesting thoughts (almost as interesting as the correlation between the economy and the hem line). The one big thing I took away from the article though was, “yay! my round Chanel shades from last year are still it!”