My friend A had a minor knee surgery the other day. Regardless of how minor it is however, he still needed to undergo general anesthesia (I mean, they are drilling a hole in his knee!).

He fancied that he could hobble his way home from the hospital immediately after the surgery and take care of himself. He even bought a whole boxful of ready made Nutrisystem food for his meals. Nevertheless, he still had to reluctantly enlist the help of me (to open the doors etc) and my friend (for the actual heavy lifting) to pick him up from the hospital, as otherwise the hospital wouldn’t release him. Does this remind anyone else of Sex and the City when Miranda had her lasik done?

He made it sound like a minor task- just come to the hospital and pick me up. It started out with pick me up at 9am, then to between 11-1.30pm. Factoring in the inefficiency of American hospitals, we arrived at 2pm and still had to wait another hour to see him. We walked through the complex maze of rooms and finally found him sitting there alone in a dentist chair, looking really out of it and really yellow. Like seriously yellow and it’s not just the bad lighting. At this point, you’d probably expect us to show our sympathies etc. But instead, we both considered whipping out our camera phones and taking a picture, but before we could put that into action, I burst out laughing and ruined the moment. He stirred in his chair and mumbled something we couldn’t understand. We giggled. He tried again, asking when he can leave. We looked at his condition and laughed some more. We only managed to pull ourselves together when the nurse came in to brief us. I know, very mature for two working twenty something year olds.