Nevermind. I did some more photoshopping and now I’m very happy with this one šŸ˜€

Ps. The little thing after the G is a teacup and not an “O”………..


I’ve been doodling lately, and after spending a few hours on Photoshop with my doodles this morning, I came up with this. I wanted to keep it simple, but unfortunately my doodle only looks good in a square shape. So I had to add something on the side to make it rectangular to fit the layout.

I tried my Met picture from before, but that looked too foreboding with the girly script. Finally, I decided to add some pop to it with prints from the Marc by MJ SS10 runway. I am kind of happy with it, except I worry that it’s a bit too much. Thoughts?

TeawithBG v1.8