This morning, my friend sent me this article. Glancing at the title: Why real men DO buy women flowers, I thought it would be just another boring old relationship column. I read it anyway, since I had nothing I wanted to do more. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the writing was actually really good. It made a lot of sense and it was not cheesy or sappy at all. I actually got teary when he described how his mother recieved a birthday present from his father, 45 minutes after his father died! I think he was right on the spot when he said that “flowers are, just a simple, easy way of letting someone know they were in your thoughts.”

As a master procrastinator, of course I had to click in to read John DeVore’s other articles. He did not disappoint. His articles are insightful yet hilarious. A few favourites:

Whatever You Do, Don’t Cohabitate

“I could make a fortune if I opened a store for bachelors called “Foam Block Depot,” where a single man could purchase all kinds of large-, medium-, and small-sized foam blocks that he could stack into couches, beds, tables and chairs. Spill-proof, soft yet firm, and totally utilitarian – they’d come in two colors, “industrial” and “medium-rare.””

Where All The Good Guys Are

“…love is intently listening to someone repeat themselves.” – my dad must really love my mom!

 The Number One Lesson I Will Teach My Future Son About Women

“What most men don’t immediately get is that for women, talking is its own reward. By talking, you are playing a game of Tetris in your head, rearranging all the differently shaped thoughts of your day into a winning order……She would complain, and I would butt in with ACTION PLANS. I came off condescending and bossy.”

Hmm it would be funny if I’m sitting here marvelling at the insightfulness of DeVore’s articles and he’s actually more like Kevin from 27 Dressses, who didn’t even like writing his super touching wedding articles.