Frankly, I don’t find Black Friday that great of a shopping day unless you go to the outlets at midnight, which is an experience within itself. But if you’re like me and don’t want to brave the crowds, the lines (there was a ridiculous line at the Puma store to pay one year…) and is too lazy to find your way to an outlet, then Black Friday is really nothing special. Now that the department stores have adjusted their inventory accordingly, there are no more crazy extra 70% off sales at Saks anymore. This year at Saks, it was just a measley extra 25% off and it didn’t even apply to everything!

Regardless though I did pick something up. After having stalked this Theory suit for over a month, it was finally on sale. Actually it was on sale last Tuesday on, but having slept on it, I woke up the next morning to find my size gone (it must be busy in the offices in the mornings!). I was convinced it will be at the store though, and so on Friday afternoon my friend and I braved the hoards at Saks Fifth and found it. It wasn’t a size 2, but luckily the cutting is really small and I fit perfectly into a size 4. I couldn’t find the pants in my size on Friday, but amazingly enough when I went again on Saturday morning (the sales lady put the wrong size jacket in my bag!!!), it was there! Both were 40% off.

Usually I hate suits because most of them make me feel drab, like a bank teller. But I am LOVING this one. The jacket is cut short and fitted and the pants are slightly wide leg. The over all effect is incredibly chic. It isn’t quite the dark gray suit skirt I was looking for (this color/material doesn’t come with a pencil skirt sadly), but it makes me feel awesome, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Image Source: Saks