Everywhere I went in NYC, I was accosted by the purple Balenciaga City bag. Most memorably, on Thanksgiving day while I was people watching at the entrance of the Columbus Circle Whole Foods. This girl came up the elevator in a simple loose shirt and leggings, with a long scarf wrapped around her neck, carry a purple Balenciaga City bag- and I thought what a perfect outfit! The long scarf and the bag provides the simple outfit with just the right accent to make it interesting. Moreover, I LOVE that shade of purple! After that I started seeing the bag everywhere. But of course the Barneys and Berdorf in NYC have already sold out of the bag since they’re already all over the streets!

After some research, I found out that this shade of purple I love is called Raison and that it currently comes in two styles of the City. The classic one (left) and the giant covered one (right). Neither is especially perfect. Perfect would be a raison giant city, with silver or gold studs. I’m not loving the purple covered studs, because it doesn’t really pop and it is a LOT more expensive than the classic. And the classic is just classic.

Or perhaps I should expand my horizons and set my heart on a raison day bag instead? One of my friend has it and it is definitely different as far as Balenciaga’s go, compared to other brands though… it is just another hobo bag. Oh but I do so LOVE this color!

Image Source: Barneys