A belated merry merry christmas to everyone! I just got back to Hong Kong and it’s been hectic lately with the holidays etc. So far, the one thing I am missing most about Chicago is Berry Chill, which I personally think is superior to PinkBerry because a) the yoghurt is not as icy b) the strawberries are not frozen and c) the design of the green cups and color changing spoons. It also helps that I lived next to Berry Chill and ate it at least twice a week, and I’m nothing if not a creature of habit.

In an attempt to find Berry Chill in Hong Kong, I tried one of the HK copy cats of this type of store, Yo Mama today. The decor was promising, and the price wasn’t too unreasonable either at $28 for a healthy portion (though I’d prefer at least two toppings instead of just one!). But then I tasted the yoghurt and it went downhill from there. Usually the yoghurt at all frozen yoghurt places kind of taste the same, like the frozen version of Yakult. But this one was tasted much milkier and sweeter. I’ve never tasted the Dairy Farm plain yoghurt, but I’ve been told that it tastes like that except with a ton of sugar. Blegh. The mochi was more flakey then cube-like and didn’t have the same chewy texture as its US counterparts,  though supposedly it is the more “authentic” mochi. The only thing consistent was the strawberry. I walked away thoroughly disappointed!

Hopefully I’ll have better luck with Berry Good or Yoghurt Time in Soho next time.