Dear Clueless Boyfriends,

In case you’ve not noticed, Valentine’s day is in the horizon again. And so I thought it is time to share an idea I recently heard about from a friend trying to buy his girlfriend something nice for her birthday. Instead of getting her a typical boring heart-shaped Tiffany necklace (yes fellas, you know which one I’m talking about), he got his girlfriend a David Yurman necklace. It is not something fabulously unique or anything, but it definitely made me a little green hearing about it. How on earth did he even know about David Yurman? If I randomly asked a guy on the streets, I’m positive that at least 80% of them will not know what it is. Apparently, he heard about it from his female friends and even went so far as to get one to go with him to pick one out, knowing his own inferiority when it comes to jewelry picking (I know someone who returned a bracelet she recieved for Vday back to the store because it was so ugly). His resourcefulness and thoughtfulness immediately put him up a few notches in my books!

In case you’ve not heard, David Yurman is a jewelry brand name from the US that is a favourite amongst the trendy set, including Kate Moss. Not that there is anything wrong with Tiffany, but that heart does get a little old when you start seeing it on every girl’s neck on the streets. David Yurman’s jewelry on the other hand, is elegant and understated. Your girlfriend will feel special to be amongst this exclusive set. You’ll also be happy to know that it won’t break the bank like anything at Cartier or Van Cleef Arpels will. You can get something very nice for around $300 or above.  Pssst! He’s famous for his cable knit jewelries like the cables below (all are around $350):

You might be thinking that getting her a necklace is still kind of cliche, but there is cliche and then there is cliche. There is the Tiffany heart-shaped necklace cliche, that is almost like buying someone a box of Godiva chocolates because you don’t know what to get them and figured that everyone likes Godiva chocolates. Then there is the David Yurman necklace cliche, that is like buying someone a box of Varlhona chocolates (or whichever suits their taste better). Everyone does like chocolate, but to really hit the mark, it depends on which kind.

I hope this helps!