I’ve had this post in mind since Monday, but then things came up… and here we are.

My favourite of the night was Carey Mulligan. As far as black dresses goes, this black Prada dress is probably one of the smarter ones of late. The tastefully arranged sequins and the cleverly cut hemline, makes an ordinary black gown extraordinary. Carey makes it work for her too. Paired with her blonde pixie haircut, dangly earrings, simple black clutch and ribboned sandals, Carey looks youthful and refreshing, and very appropriately dressed for the Oscars!

Anna Kendrick (left) and Rachel McAdam’s (right) Elie Saab gowns also stood out for me. At first I couldn’t decide whether Anna’s pale pink gown washed her out or made her look pretty in an ethereal way. But after having stared at it for some time, I finally decided on the latter. As for Rachel, I thought that she carried the gown off really well. The print and color could potentially make her look old, but instead she looked pretty and very age appropriate.

Charlize Theron’s Dior Haute Couture gown also caught my eye, except it was for the unfortunate placement of those rose buds on her gown. Not even Charlize Theron can carry that off.

Image Source: Style.com