For dear readers in Hong Kong, I wanted to share with you my latest discovery: Cher2. When I moved back to Hong Kong, I was slightly sadden that I can no longer go to Bravco in Chicago (on Oak Street) or order from (when they’re on sale) for cheap professional nail varnish.  Luckily, while reading HK blogs, I came across Cher 2. It is an upstairs chainstore that sells cheap OPI and Essie nail varnish. For those living on HK island, it is conveniently located opposite Muji at CWB. You have to get in through an entrance next to the candy store.

The best thing about it, is that it is cheap at 40-50% off the original price ($70HKD for OPI and $60HKD for Essie). If you accumulate enough points in a year, you can even get an extra 15% off! The second best thing about it, is that it has a very impressive collection of both brands! You can literally get any color you want.

For the coming Spring/Summer, I’m thinking of the three colors above from Essie. The mint green and lilac would look great with the right outfit (though the matching part could be a pain). I think the brownish color, would be a lovely alternative to nude.

On the other hand, I’m forever drawn to these pink colors. I have at least half a dozen similar shades lying around right now. But somehow, my nails never end up looking like the above. And so I keep on trying, in an attempt to find the right shade. I’m beginning to wonder if it is my nails, or whether the skin around my fingers are too red or something.

Because the price for OPI is so cheap, they have to scratch the surface a bit after check out, to mark it as a “defect” to justify their price. Kind of like how they draw a mark cross the Manolo label, when you buy Manolos for cheap at the sample sale. Before you leave, they also open the varnish for you to check to see if they’re defected inside. So far, none of mine have been. Though both HG and my mom have complained that after trying out the Essie nail varnishes they got from there, they find it a bit more coagulated than usual. I’m not quite sure if this is a problem with the store or just individual preference, but hey, it still works! So no harm checking it out if you’re in the area!