With this hot humid weather, the last thing on my mind are sneakers. But then I saw these displayed so deliciously on the table at Lane Crawford and couldn’t help but be drawn to them, even though rocker chic is totally not my style.

Of course, they have to be by Alexander Wang. They are a hybrid of everything cool in high school- Doc Martens and high top Converses- with a stylish twist of the unexpected. I especially love the folded down detail complete with the zipper edge. These shoes will go so well with the current legging trend where the high top and the details will be on full display!

The peep toe is a bit odd for high top sneakers (and maybe a little uncomfortable in the summer?), but I guess it is no more so than peep toe boots. It’ll look awesome with some bright colored socks/tights popping out of it though. Come to think of it, I am really loving them more as a fall/winter footwear then spring/summer.

But hey, I guess that makes them all the more versatile all year round. See how it toughens up a prim outfit, gives a playful edge to a sophisticated evening look and just adds an extra omph to an everyday outfit? They’re really quite genius.

Image Source: Alexander Wang and Net a Porter