Last year I saw a girl as a peacock during Halloween and thought it was genius. She had on intense make-up (she was a make-up artist at MAC) and a tail of  colorful feathers- simple but effective. Seeing how I got a mask of peacock feathers, I thought I could give it a try this year. So I elbowed my way into the crazy street of Halloween costumes/props looking for a tail of colorful feathers (seriously, next year, I’m going to start early and not leave it to the last day!). But then I came across these and couldn’t resist!

It looks kind of wide in the picture, but it actually looks amazing on! I personally prefer to wear it under my hair, so I can keep my fringe. I paired it with a purple dress and a leather jacket. I know not very creative. But hey, I didn’t want to detract attention from the mask and the eyes! Michelle Phan very conveniently did some Masquerade eye make up tutorials for me to take inspiration from.

I even bought a leopard print one for HG, to quell her  leopard print craving this season- at least until she finds something leopard print that she can actually wear everyday. She paired it with a black dress.

In the end, I bought a bunch of colorful feather boas too, thinking to make  a tail anyway. But it didn’t quite come out as I imagined it to…….. it looked more like a showgirl from Vegas than birdlike. So now it is just sitting on my floor. Maybe I’ll find a use for them next year.


Happy Halloween everyone. Can’t wait to see everyone’s amazing get-ups!