My favourite college professor Dan Raeburn once said that if you want to be a good writer you must practice everyday. In fact, part of the course requirement was that we write at least 200 words everyday. That was easy for me because you were allowed to write about  anything and in any style, and so I’d just post my blog posts or parts of  long emails to HG for class (he found out a lot more about America’s Next Top Model and my private life than he’d signed up for) . After college, I resolved to keep up this “habit” and allow my writing (and “voice”)  to evolve and mature over time. Everyday wasn’t exactly realistic though, so I shot for 3 times per week. It worked out for a while, wavering between thoughtful reflections and my I am Fashion style picture and annotations.

Recently however, I haven’t been writing at all. Nothing creative anyway. Mostly just brief one liners and business formal. From time to time I’d encounter something that I’d want to write/blog about, but each time I somehow get sidetracked. By work, sleep, social life, Modern Family and just plain old procrastination. Over time, these brilliant ideas somehow become less brilliant and urgent. The amazing Taylor Swift concert for example. She was awesome, except for the strange somewhat fake way she addressed the audience. Then there was Lanvin Bleu, the second line of Lanvin that is  sold exclusively in Japan. They sell some amazing Lanvin style graphic t shirts for only 1/5 the price of the original Lanvin. It has been an extremely versatile addition to my wardrobe, and I wish I’d bought more. Next came my trip to Sandro in Paris. Everything looks great at first, but upon closer examination, it is really overpriced for the quality they give. “Bumps” and “knots” is already showing up on the adorable khaki dress I bought there a month ago! Not to mention how my woolen poncho sheds everywhere like new carpet. Comptoir des Cotonniers on the other hand has good quality at decent prices! And I haven’t even gotten around to how I got mugged/conned in London (a great story which adds to all my many  reasons for not liking London), and my Ferragamo shoes.

I’m sure there are at least a dozen other things I’ve missed. I’d never appreciated how difficult it is to actually sit down at the end of the day, collect your thoughts and write it down until recently. I’d done it for the better half of the last 5 years, but somehow in between work, eat, sleep on weekdays and catching up with life and zoning out on weekends, my “voice” got a little lost.

Today has been the day of finally getting around to doing things I’ve been meaning to do but never got the chance to. I woke up early on a Saturday morning to go to a 8:30am bootcamp to exercise. I am so unfit that I actually had to stop midway because I felt so lightheaded! I went to visit my hairstylist before my hair gets completely out of control. And I went to an alumni event, which is part of my efforts to become more active in the alumni society this year. It’s been a long day, but hopefully I’ve found my “voice” as well.