I know I am not a teenager anymore and should not be so easily star struck anymore, but I couldn’t help but feel a little awe by the fact that I was in the same room as Miuccia Prada today. Granted it was a huge room and I barely saw her as someone in the background drone on and on about ebitda with an Italian blur. But still. She was there! The genius who brought back the house of Prada and created Miu Miu (one of the many loves of my life! I even felt a tiny hint of pride when I found out that Miu Miu was the fastest growing brand they had outstripping even Prada itself. I have good taste!)

You have to admit, Miuccia is pretty cool (Hey, at least I am not raving about Justin Beaver here!). I tried explaining how cool this was to the guys around me, but they did not appear to appreciate the situation much. Hello? It’s the female equivalent of seeing Rafael Nadal in real life!

Oh and I was super happy with the gift bag too. We were expecting either nothing or a small keychain, but instead we all got a Prada leather folder/sleeve! My colleague pointed out the fact that they are giving one to everyone must mean that their leather goods seriously don’t cost much to make in the first place. I don’t think I will dwell too much on that though. Personally I don’t even associate Prada with leather goods (mostly nylon goods).Besides, there must be a reason why leather good is their major return driver after all.