This weekend, I went to a talk in preparation for a charity event I will be attending later this month. The idea was to teach volunteers how to interact with small children (apparently you can stop talking baby talk with them from age 4 onwards!). But in the end, it was really more like a really fun and interactive few hours.


In addition to serving delicious banana chocolate chip muffins, they enlisted us to paint eggs as Easter gifts to the participating children. I must say, it is a LOT of fun. I used to feel stumped when faced with an empty canvas since drawing is not one of my talents (I can’t even draw a circle without a protractor). But I’ve since learnt from abstract artists and have devoted my considerable efforts to simple do-able abstract designs. The process is that much simpler, and the finished product is always fun, if not exquisite. In fact, it is positively therapeutic, like painting nails!

Doesn’t my rainbow egg look so happy and cheerful? It may look simple, but it took me at least an hour. The color mixing, waiting for acrylic to dry before adding on the next layer, the MANY layers of yellow I had to do to achieve a decent looking yellow (hint: paint many THIN layers, and when needed use the hand dryer in the bathroom) – it all took a lot of effort. But it is all worth it as I happily stare at the picture of my finished product and show it off to anyone who will look! 😀