I just spent the last 24 hours debating the merits between the two dresses below from BB Dakota. Ordinarily, I’d save myself the trouble and buy both, since both still costs less than $100USD. But that seemed too frivolous for something I’ve never even tried on.

The inner child in me was instantly drawn to this fun and playfull blue and yellow striped dress. It even reminded me of the cup/plate I painted last summer! How great would I look frolicking at the beach in this? It is totally a stand out dress!

In fact, it is almost as if they copied my design onto a dress! But alas, I am not sure how it would look on, and whether it would stand out in the good or bad way. If not done properly, these bold stripes can go wrong.

And then I spotted this one, which reminded me of an abstract painting. While still summery and cheerful, this one has a bit more sophistication to it, and will probably be more versatile and wearable.

Having done a poll amongst my friends though, the general consensus has been for stripes, while both my parents like the artsy one. As for me? I am torn. I want to be fun and playful with the stripes, but I don’t want to buy something that may not be wearable either. I want to be summery and artsy too, but I don’t want to be dragged down by the dirty brown color either (as have been the comments so far). So I may just heed HG’s advice – when in doubt, buy neither.

Images: Zappos