My Kindle Paperwhite finally arrived the other day, and it is totally new and improved (especially considering that my last one is the Kindle 2)! There is a back light, so you can read in the dark. The words are way sharper. It is MUCH faster to flip pages. And if you buy the original Kindle case, it knows when to automatically open/close! Amazing right?

So when my boss asked me the other day if he can check out my new Kindle while I was reading Gone Girl over lunch, I unhesitatingly and very excitedly showed him all the awesome features. Unfortunately, I so happened to be reading the part where she gushes about how great her husband is, and as I showed my boss how fast the pages flipped…. we couldn’t help but notice the words “big penis” literally jumping out of the pages at us!!! It was right there, smacked in the middle of the page, at the end of a paragraph, further enhanced by the very sharp paperwhite feature of the new Kindle.

My boss raised an eyebrow and asked me what I was reading. I blushed, and tried to explain that I was reading Gone Girl, and that it is on top of the NYTimes Bestseller List. He smirked and pointed out that so was Fifty Shades of Gray………. I blushed even harder trying to defend myself, spluttering that “it is a thriller, a completely different genre………” He gave me a disbelieving look and went back to work.