I’ve never liked the Celine Luggage bag. I’ve always thought that it looks like an ugly robot. The handle is too short to carry on your shoulder, and the shape is too long to comfortably carry on your arm without making you look short. But when I first saw the Celine Trapeze, I instantly loved it. It is different, and it looks great both on your arms and hanging on your shoulders from the long strap. And as I started to see more and more of it on the streets of Central, it was like calling to me, and I really really wanted one! So I got one last year for my birthday.

I love contrasting colors, but because light suede gets dirty, and plain leather gets scratched, I ended up with this black duck pressed leather trapeze, with black suede on the side. It looks lovely and classic, doesn’t it?


I don’t change bags very often (i’m lazy), and when I like something I use it everyday for months. So far, in the last year, I’ve used the Trapeze for approximately 5-10% of my time. Why? Because I secretly hate it. It is the most ungainly, heavy (second only to my Chloe Paraty bag), uncomfortable and annoying bag I’ve ever owned. To begin with, I prefer carrying it on my shoulder using the long strap, and because the shape is so wide, I almost always bumping into someone or something. When I’m not bumping into things, the edge of the Trapeze constantly bumps my thighs – and after a while it actually hurts! But the most annoying thing of all? If you do not keep the buttons on the sides constantly closed, there’s not enough support and the buckle in the front will automatically pop open after a few steps. Frankly, if you carry anything marginally too heavy, the front buckle pop open anyway. And you do have to constantly open and close it. Given the design of the bag, that is the only way to have easy and quick access to your phone and transport card, without going through the whole process of unbuckling and lifting the front flap, and unzipping the bag (did i mention that the zip also needs to be always closed to avoid the popping?). While we are on the topic of the buttons on the side, mine is wrapped in black suede. And because I have to constantly open and close it, the black suede wrapping is already coming off to reveal cold grey metal underneath.


So yes, while the Trapeze looks great, you should definitely think twice before getting it.