My dad is in general a quiet person, but he has one heck of a sneeze. While other people’s sneezes are usually fast and quiet and somtimes can even be mistaken for a cough or a squeak, my dad’s sneezes always make me shudder. It is especially jarring when we are both quietly doing our own things and then suddenly BOOM.

It starts with two seconds of an almost indistinct “Haaaaa..” as he draws in his breathe (the signal for me to brace myself). This is followed by a very loud and resounding CHOOO.” There is then either one or two more abbreviated versions of the same in equally earth shattering volumes. He does this no matter where he is.

My mom and I have repeatedly asked him why he cannot control himself and sneeze more quietly (kind of like how one controls themselves to fart more quietly in public). But each time, he just shrugs in confusion as if he doesn’t know what we are talking about.