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Since I got lazy and never got around to finishing reviews on my first Italy trip, I have actually already been on my second trip to Italy and just came back from my first trip to Spain. Just for record keeping purposes, here’s the summary of my second Italy trip – this time we explored the Amalfi Coast, the more “luxe” version of Cinque Terres. This time around, we tried to slow down, and spent at least two nights at each hotel to relax and enjoy each location (also cause we are getting too old to change hotels everyday). The hotels were much nicer, and there were no train rides at all. Overall a much more luxe trip. Though the bf and I were somewhat disappointed with the food on this trip – besides the pizza in Naples, the food in our last trip was MUCH better. I don’t think we even had one good tiramisu the whole time!

Day Location Accomodations Activity
 Redeye flight from Hong Kong to Amsterdam
1 Amsterdam W Amsterdam Keukenhof Gardens, Coffeeshops, Ann Frank House, Dutch Pancakes, Apple pies
 Afternoon flight from Amsterdam to Naples (EasyJet)
2 Naples Hotel Piazza Bellini Di Matteo Pizza
 Morning drive from Naples to Herculean to Pompeii to Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast + Ravello NH Collection Grand Hotel Conventi Di Amalfi Herculaneum, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Ravello
Morning drive from Amalfi Coast to Sorrento
Sorrento + Positano + Capri Maison La Minervetta Positano, Le Sirenuse (La Sponda), Capri, Blue Grotto, Sorrento
Afternoon flight from Naples to Paris Orly (EasyJet)
Paris Hotel de Seze Bistro Le Baratin, L’Ami Jean, Shopping
Evening flight from Paris to Hong Kong