The DABA girls have been under a lot of public attack lately since their article in the New York Times came out. People started in on them for being spoilt, unfeeling, gold diggers when they realize that it wasn’t a satire. Then they called them a fraud for making up this nether universe, out to garner a sweet book deal.

Frankly, I don’t really care if it is a satire or not. If it is, than good for them. They were smart enough to capitalize on this environment and I’ll probably buy their book. As for decieving the New York Times, maybe it is to keep up with their guise.  I can appreciate a good marketing technique.

If it is not, then I can see why many people would think they are spoilt gold diggers. But lifestyle is a personal choice, and I don’t judge how others choose to live their’s. It may seem unfair that they got to reap all the rewards of their FBF’s hardwork when the economy was good, but if their FBF’s love them and want to share it with them, then why should we care? Life isn’t exactly fair. The point however is that everyone’s “norm” is different, and that deviating from the norm is painful for everyone. Perhaps living without their Amex for the DABA girls is like us living without our water supply. If one day, god forbid, my home water supply stopped working, I will probably survive, but you may be sure that I will complain a LOT about it (and I daresay, many of you will as well). That sounds like a ridiculous comparison, but just think of the people out there without a water supply system that delivers directly to their homes. Besides, as they said, this blog is for other DABA girls to share their experiences with each other, an outlet for their troubles. Clearly it was not meant to be taken so seriously by the rest of the world.

Personally, I am just grateful to the DABA girls for providing me with such a delightful diversion from work. Their tales about how the recession is affecting their relatinships with their FBFs are interesting, witty, light and funny- a cross between Leveraged Sellout and what I imagine a Sex and the City column would be like. I loved the quip about their soles not surviving the midwest suburbs!

If something is good and I enjoy it, I try not to question the how’s and the why’s and just continue to enjoy it. I’m sorry to hear about L’s job and D’s relationship. Hopefully your book deal will work out. Though you might want to diversify your topics a bit if you really are working on a book. One can only handle so much of the same story over and over again.

Keep up the good work ladies!