During lunch the other day…

Friend 1: So I spent my weekend consoling my friend in California. She and her boyfriend of 7 years just broke up

The “awww” sound was made around the table as is appropriate after such an announcement.

Friend 1: She just discovered the her boyfriend has been cheating on her…. with another GUY!

Reactions varied. The majority sympathized with the girl, as one is inclined to do when one learns that someone has been cheated on. Our gay guy friend on the other hand doesn’t feel quite the same.

Gay guy friend: Well at least he cheated on her with a guy.

Friend 1: What? But isn’t it just awful? It’s as if he’s saying that being in a relationship with her was so bad that she has turned him off the whole female race forever!

Gay guy friend: Trust me, you don’t just turn someone gay. So it’s really nothing against her personally.

Friend 2: But that means that he lied to her and wasted her time for the last 7 years! At least if he’d cheated on her with another girl, she can tell herself that well at least she’d tried and he’s just an a hole for not appreciating how fabulous she is. It’s a bit harder to blame someone for their sexual orientation.

But is there a ‘better’ way to be cheated on? Or is cheating cheating, regardless of whether your partner left you for their own sex or not?