From the very first episode, I knew that I was stylistically enslaved by the Queen B. There is something  just so feminine and ladylike but still youthful about her style, that I so love and aspire to.


At first, I contented myself with a Jennifer Oullette headband (or two), accepting that I simply cannot afford to match her full gear nor expect myself to carry it off (seriously, those pencil skirts she favor are not as forgiving on everyone as it is on her).


But after having obsessively observed her for 2.5 seasons, it finally hit me just how simple and achievable her outfits really are (am I just slow?). The most important part is “the base” from which her look is built from. It is usually a pretty, ultra feminine silk blouse tucked into a gorgeous just-above-the-knee skirt. If the silk top is adorned enough, like her ruffled white shirt here from the “Realm of the Basses,” then it is better to keep it clean and simple.


This also goes for when the shirt/skirt is already printed/vibrant enough to carry it’s own weight. The simple but vibrant aqua and purple combo here (left) is an excellent example.

Sometimes though to make the base more interesting and youthful, she pairs the it with a bright cardigan (center) or a printed blazer (right).


And of course, B accessorizes. We all know about the bright headbands. Frankly, those have been a bit overdone by now and you’ll notice that B wears it less often these days. But when she does wear them, make note that she has switched in her thick banded Jennifer Oullette ones in exchange for thinner headbands. Personally I’m glad, because thin headbands sit so much better on my head than the thick ones (I was beginning to think that my head is deformed).

Besides the headband, during the winter, B also plays around with tights. The green tights (second set of pictures down) were awful, but I think she carries off the white tights well. For myself though, I will probably end up looking like a little kid coming home from ballet, so I’m going to stick with black tights.

A neat trick in B’s armory for accessorizing (from my observation) is how she picks a bright color (usually red), and matches her accessories accordingly, which really adds a put together “pop” quality to her outfit. Witness how she pairs her red bag with red flats and headband (left), her red Dior bag with her red lipsticks (right) and her red Valentino bag (I love!) with the red on her plaid blazer (third set of pictures down on the right). Simple but effective!

Image Source: Media Lookbook