That’s what I usually say to my girl friends (and guy friends if they’re willing) when I want to get together and catch up. We get to sit in nice and peaceful environment, where we can actually hear each other without shouting. We have scones and little finger food for substanence and a constant supply of refreshments when we get thirsty. We can go on for hours and hours without disruption! It is the best time and place to really chat and bond with each other. That is how I envisualize Tea with BG to be. A place where I can share my thoughts about every interesting tidbit I encounter everyday with my friends both online and off.

You might ask why I’m starting a new blog when this is kind of what I was doing on I am Fashion already. I guess the biggest difference would be the structure, the range of topics,  and the tone. I am Fashion was a girly blog where we shared our fashion observations in a fun and light tone accompanied by lots of pictures. HG & I worked hard to make sure that it was regularly updated at least 5-6 times a week. After 4 years, that has become what I am Fashion is, and what we and our readers expect of it. But as much as I love fashion, I do have other interests I’d like to talk about as well. And as I step into the twenties and the real world, the demands on my time, my writing style and the way I view the world has also changed. I may not have as much time to surf the net, collect images and write a lot on a daily basis anymore. Indeed, my writing may not even warrant as many images as it used to. My tone may also not be as cheerful and lighthearted as it used to be (the real world does this to people). Nevertheless, I still enjoy blogging. So instead of trying to mold I am Fashion into something new (we love it too much to want to change it), we decided to let it go and start something new of our own, which we can shape to better fit who we are today.

So here I am at Tea with BG, and I hope that you will stop by from time to time to visit. I don’t promise to update daily, but I’ll try my best not to be remiss and disappear without a word for more than a week (maybe I should start an email chain for updates or a RSS feed- once I figure out how to?). I have written a few posts as a prelude to what will come. Obviously, there will still be fashion posts sprinkled in with some random musings. I’m still working on the banner. I love the tea set because it is so me and it fits with the theme, but my friends tell me that it looks a bit like a food blog. So I blended in a random image of NYC to give it a city feel, can you see the lights of the office building on top left and the sign of E 58th St on the right? I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it will have to do for now until a better inspiration comes to me.

I hope you like Tea with BG and I’d love to hear what you think and any suggestions you have either in the comments or by email at teawithbg AT gmail. Don’t be shy!