In case you still don’t know what to wear tomorrow (or just want to look at a pretty pink dress), I came across the perfect one this weekend from BCBG. I saw it from a distance and thought, wow that is so pink and pretty! Naturally I just HAD to try it on.


I love the simple design, I love the soft pink color (even though it made me look a bit pallid, I guess pale pink is not my color) and I love the pretty pink girly bow at the back. At first, I thought out of all the dresses on the rack, I’d pick one that was defective. But after examining the rest of the rack, I realized that the bow at the back (right) was deliberately askewed. Initially that didn’t sit well with me, but after staring at the picture for a while I think the crookedness is growing on me. There is just something about imperfection that makes it perfect.

For those of you that don’t have something quite that formal to go to (seriously, who does?), you can still look pretty in pink make-up. I came across this make-up video by Michelle Phan and I am seriously impressed. I always thought pink eye shadow would  make me look like someone punched me, but by adding some brown, it looks very pretty on her. I’ve also never been a fan of make-up videos because I can never see the difference, but I can totally see it here. She also has THE most soothing voice ever (she must be Taiwanese or something). I am now tempted to go out and buy a pink Stila palette!

Happy Valentine’s Ladies!