The thing about flowers is that they look so perfect in the picture online. They look so lively and fresh in the fridge at the flower shop. They look so warm and beautiful when you receive it. They look so pretty sitting in the vase in your apartment. But then the first bloom starts to droop and the edges of the petals start to curl up (from the dryness), and you are reminded of how transient they are. Once that happens, the utility you get from them starts diminishing at an astonishing rate. In fact, your utility curve starts entering negative territory and the dying flowers actually start making you feel sad. You are reminded of how short life is and what an inadequate caretaker you are that you can’t even keep a plant alive! You try to preserve it for as long as you can. You give it water and put it next to the window for some sunlight as they instructed you to do in biology 101 (the components of photosynthesis, no?). But ultimately, basic biology fails you and they die. You are left with the very painful task of throwing out $80+ that you’d only enjoyed for a few days.

You could try hanging it upside down and letting it dry. But I’ve tried that and it doesn’t end up looking very aesthetically pleasing. Looks very brittle and dried up i.e. dead. Maybe if I’d put the flower in a plastic bag and stuck it inside a really heavy book for a month instead, it would’ve turned out to be a better looking bookmark…..  Or you can hope that you recieve tulips. My friend recieved lovely purple tulips this weekend and she put them into a pot. Personally I’m not sure how good they look in a bouquet, but I heard they were very sturdy plants. Even though they only bloom for a few weeks a year, they will come back the next year (fingers crossed for her!). It makes me wonder if the initial rush of joy from flowers worth the painful aftermath.