The other day I came across the perfect colored leather gloves online at Forzieri. I’ve never actually heard of this site before until now, but it sounds like the Italian version of Intermix. The gloves I’m in love with are from the in-house brand, Forzieri. The design is simple and classic, and most importantly, it comes in a rainbow of vibrant colors!


It isn’t lined with anything (that would be an extra $20-40 thank you), but they look quite well made (they are made in Italy after all). They’ll be fine for accessorizing when it is positive farenheit- anything below that, you should just put on ski gloves and limit exposure to the outdoors anyway. I still think they are a bit pricey at $87 , but I thought I’d throw it out there for anyone else dying for a pair of colored leather gloves. Personally I’m going to keep my eye out and hope that spring comes early this year (or maybe it’ll go on sale?).

Incidentally, for an investment, I am really considering the black gloves with pink edges (bottom right). They are leather and lined with cashmere i.e. decently warm. The design is simple and elegant. The color is classic and practical, while the pink outline gives it that little pop without coming in the way of your outfit choice. Not bad for $118.

Image Source: Forzieri