Many old readers  may be curious as to why I haven’t blogged about the FW09 fashion week, when we usually do an extensive coverage of it on I am Fashion. The truth is, it is not one of my favourite topics. I can never decide whether to view it as an art or the fashion that I’m going to be wearing in 6 months time. Also with the sheer amount of runway shows squeezed together in these 4 weeks, it is hard to really appreciate a collection before moving onto the next. And frankly, up to a point, they all start looking the same to me. That’s why this season, I’ve waited for all my all-time favourite shows to come out first (i.e. the Paris shows) to comment, because really, why waste energy on mediocre shows?

I’ve not much appreciated Nicolas Ghesquière’s hailed “talent” before- I usually have trouble grasping his sci-fi outfits. But this season, I’m finally getting his true genius!


Maybe it’s because he’s toned it down for of the recession, but I am loving it. They look so much more wearable and translatable to me! That draped skirt (left) is absolutely divine. It is fluid and structured at the same time, the style is unique and yet I can totally imagine myself wearing something similar with perhaps a simple black top. He also does amazing things with silk and the tailored suits (second left)- an all time classic. But most of all, he is absolutely genius with the printed dresses he showed- unlike DvF whose printed dresses are more classic and ladylike, Ghesquière’s are hip and trendy. You’d think that the wide shoulders and the intricate ruffles/folding details on top of the the prints would be too much and even grandma like, but he definitely makes it work here!

It also looks like that next season instead of the two-toned Chanel tights from FW08, we’ll be switching over to small dotti tights a la Balenciaga FW09!