Browsing through the Definitive Book of Body Language, I came across an interesting section: The Power of Glasses and Makeup. They conducted an experiment with 4 sales lady, where one wore make-up, one wore glasses, one wore both and one wore none, and observed customer impression of them. They concluded that make-up gives woman a more intelligent, confident and sexier image and the combination of glasses and makeup in business has the most positive and memorable impact on observers.

Obviously I know (and whole heartedly agree) with the part about make-up/looking good gives a women confidence, but I hadn’t really thought about it in terms of being taken more seriously in a work environment. I would’ve thought that the girl with the glasses and no make-up would be taken more seriously, because she’d be percieved as nerdy and too serious to care about the way she looks. But now that I think of it, my image of a business power woman does involve a YSL suit, stilettos, a Birkin bag and the perfect make-up. Nikko from Lipstick Jungle (oh how I mourn that show!) also comes to mind. This idea was further confirmed today, when I came across the Dress Code for Hedge-Fund Women article in the WSJ, where they mused that looking the part may actually give them an edge in the work place.

I must admit though that I have not been looking the part and putting on make-up everyday to work. I used to at the beginning, but then the casual and laidback company culture and lack of dress code kicked in and I stopped trying so hard (I need to get in as much zz’s as I can in the morning!). It’s kind of nice to be able to cling onto remnants of the good ol’ college days. Maybe it is time I started again though. Even though I’m not up to the business power woman level yet, I should at least start looking the part. You got to fake it until you make it after all, right?