Today I came across the Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent. Like the UGG spray, this is a protection/repellent spray for leather goods. It is supposedly good for leather, suede and fabric. It apparently works amazing well:

“The Apple Garde was suggested to the ladies in the LAMB forum by a wonderful TPFer named Luna and she doesn’t know it yet, but she totally saved my MBMJ Dr. Q Groovee Satchel!!! I spilled an entire coke on the ground at the movies this past weekend and some got on my bag, but it all wiped right off because I had just treated it the night before with Apple Garde. After that little fiasco, I came home that night and went over the rest of my bags with it!!”

From a closer source, my friend G just received her bottle today. She sprayed it on one of her leather shoes, put it under a running tap and reported that the water just smoothly rolls off! One of her friends also uses it to spray the leather parts of her Vuitton bags i.e. the beige handles, which in my opinion is one of their biggest Achille’s heels quality wise. It is the first part to change color and give off the signs of age. But I hear that this product help slows down this effect remarkably well for her.gardebuyshot

Who can resist after all these raving reviews? Mostly I’m planning to use them on my leather shoes. They can definitely use some attention. I’m also thinking about my pale pink leather bag, which actually changes color whenever water gets on it. It kind of dries clear, but it is still kind of murky (though I’m not sure if it is the water or denim- maybe this will protect against denim stains too!). Though… is it weird to spray a whole bag with a protective spray?  The description says that the spray dries clear and would not affect coloring of light leather, but still…. Wouldn’t it affect the natural texture and beauty of the leather by putting a layer of gloss on it? I’m not too concerned about my shoes… but leather bags are infinitely more valuable! I guess I’ll try it in small unnoticeable patches first.

They are only $8.95 + $6 shipping cost. But from now until April 30th, if you want to buy this, there is a 20% off coupon you can use. If you manage to get together 2 other girlfriends (or guy friends) also interested in this, you can combine your order and effectively eliminate the shipping cost (I managed to gather 3 other girlfriends!). Time to show your beloved leather goods some love!