When I think of Valentino, red dresses and evening wear comes to mind. I’ve never really associated Valentino with accessories. But as it is, the Valentino accessories sample sale is going on right now, and my friend got me thinking about the Histoire.


It is supposedly one of those “it” bags that everyone loves, comparable to the Balenciaga Motorcycle or the YSL Muse back in the days. When I first saw it a year or so ago when it was first popular, my first thought was,”…….it looks like that Mulberry bag.” And between the Chloe Paddington and the Mulberry Roxanne bag back in the days, I was always more of a Paddington girl. I get that it is really handy as it fits just right on your shoulders, has a neat shape, fits everything and has little pockets on the side so that your cell phone and lipgloss don’t get lost in the black hole that is a girl’s bag nowadays. But this one is just too much. The structure, the many side pockets, the flap, the buckles and the braids … all together just makes it look very messy and old. Like those over embellished dresses from way way way back. Less is more. 

The other thing that bothers me is that it is a rectangular shaped bag designed to be carried on the shoulder. Maybe I’m getting old and set in my ways, but somehow along the way it has been ingrained into me that this shape kind of bag belongs on the arms. It just seems very awkward and bulky to carry on the shoulder even if it fits just right.


When it comes to shoulder bags, I much prefer the slouchy hobo style, like the Valentino Nuage bag. It just seems more casual, relaxed and comfy. I am loving this one actually. The shape and style is classic, while the exxagerated bow on the side gives it that extra special girly touch that makes it cute! Now if you see this at the Valentino sample sale…snag it quick!

Image Source: Saks