As expected, Saks is going on “Private” sale this weekend up to 40% off (except it’s not really that private since it is all over their website)- which means it is finally time to start looking for this season’s updates!

DVF- Rosina

Ever since the season started, I’ve had my eye on the DVF Rosina dress. I’ve always wanted a shirt dress, but never found the right one. This one could be it though! The design is simple but sophisticated. The shape is clean and feminine with the flared skirts and the tie at the waist. It buttons all the way up, so it fits all chest size (you know how there are ones that have a lower v that only fits those with the assets to carry it off?). The vibrant colors offered allows you to “pop” in the color that best suits you. This dress is the epitome of a shirt dress!

I tried it on the other day (trying to decide which color suits me most.. I’m thinking the red/yellow, but am not sure if it looks too bright, but the blue looks..kind of dull on me) and it fits and moves just like how I imagined it to be. There is one thing though… it might look a bit too sophisticated for me. Indeed, I’ve already caught two celebs in their mid to late thirties wearing the same dress I’ve been coveting. It makes me think that maybe I should go for something more youthful like the Sosie dress Michelle Trachtenberg is wearing (though this one is not on sale yet- give it two more weeks). The Sosie dress has the added benefit of being perfect for summer, whereas the Rosina dress is more of a go-between dress that is too cold for winter and too hot for summer. Thoughts?

Tory Burch Thora Thongs

In the mean time, I think I’m ready to close the deal on these Tory Burch Thora thongs in white. I have been wanting them since last July (I have proof!) and it looks like it will run out of color/size before it goes on sale. Though it does chafe a bit to know that these flip flops are $115, when I could’ve gotten some amazing Manolos for almost the same price if only I was in NYC this week.

Image Source: Saks and Tory Burch