Update: I wore this dress the other week to my friend’s birthday. It was cold that day and I paired it with purple tights and black pumps. I love how versatile it is to be dressed up or down for different types of weather!


I did a lot of damage today…. what turned out to be a “scouting” trip became a shopping trip. I went to Saks tonight thinking that everyone else would have a social life and I can scout out the sale in peace (and indeed customers were scarce), but really the sale is not that great. The pieces were few and the mark down not that great. There were lots of racks at 30% off and very few 60% off. I went in there thinking to scout out pieces to update my spring/summer wardrobe with. Some bright colors, basics (maybe a shirt dress?) or summer sandals..and I came out with the Theory Boasa dress.

Theory Boasa Dress2

It is neither really colorful nor summery and it does not look anything like a dress shirt either. I only just grabbed it  because it was on the 60% off rack and it looked kind of cute. But oh, when I put it on, it looked really cute!!! I love how the skirt flares. I love how simple and casual it looks (and yet definitely works for dinner ). And I love how I can wear it with black tights when the weather gets cool again. Besides, it is the only one left on the rack and it is 60% off- it can’t go down much further. And so, without my usual consultation with HG I bought it…. but now that I’m home I’m having second thoughts. It is only the beginning of the season…. I can probably wait it out and get something better value for the money and much more summery. Granted I did try on a very colorful, summery DVF sheer shirt dress that actually made me feel a bit dowdy and not half as cute …… ahh opportunity costs! Thoughts? Should I keep it, or save up for greener and richer pastures in a few weeks time?

Cole Haan- slingbacks

On a side note, these pair of Cole Haan sling backs also caught my eye. They are amazingly comfortable. Those Nike air technology really works! The color is quite nice, the height is just right to be walkable and it’s really quite classic. Except I then realized that I already own two black and one nude pair of sling back peep toe heels (they’re always the ones that go on sale!), and do I really need another pair of a similar style in red?

Image Source: Saks