Update: The other day I walked 1 mile in these and felt like my feet were being crushed on both sides. I think the tip is too narrow. I can only imagine how painful it is back then when women binded their feet!

On the bright side, these shoes came up at the Gilt.com sample sale and they exactly the same price as I’d gotten them!


When I went to “scout” out the latest offerings on sale last Friday at Bloomies, I came across the Cole Haan Fiona mid air pumps which I’d been stalking for the longest time (I had even put in a proxy order through my friend to get it for me if she see’s it at the sample sale last month- but alas I hear that the line was long and the offerings were thin). Casually, I picked it up to check out the price (to see if they’re on sale) and did a double take. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The pumps, originally sold at $275 (and currently on sale on the Cole Haan website for $189), was priced at $120! And no, they were NOT on sale. What are wrong with them? How is this possible? Seriously confused, I immediately called my friend for consult. She wisely advised me to stop thinking about it and just get them. And so I did.

cole haan- fiona1

 Of course once I got home I still couldn’t stop thinking about them- especially when I realized that they’re not as comfortable as I imagined them to be and that I already owned something very similar. Except mine are regular black leather, half an inch shorter (I measured them with a ruler), not as narrow in the front as this one and looks a bit more elegant (you got to admit, these look a bit stumpy). As I saw other more summery and gorgeous looking sandals online, the lesson about opportunity costs came rushing back into my mind, I decided to return them.

But then just when I was about to execute the return in favor of greener, cuter pastures, I realized that the pumps were no longer on display. The lady at the counter told me that the price was so good that it sold out in 2 days! That was when the little voice in my head told me that if I returned them now I will never find this deal again (I’m convinced that Bloomies mispriced them!) and that I can wear these all the time and not be too heart broken about trashing them (I would be upset if I trashed my other ones though). One can never have too many sensible, black, (relatively) comfortable, pointy pumps, right?