Some of my intitial distaste for the maxi were also due to concerns about looking short (When one is 5’3″, one must employ all possible illusions to look tall) or like a hobo (please, I thought we left that in the 90s).

maxi dress- nicole + jess alba2

Indeed, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba has proven that one can indeed look short or like a hobo in a maxi dresss. But one can always learn from other’s mistakes:

  1. As a reader point it out, if you’re curvy and not pregnant, you might want to avoid figure hugging maxi dresses and go for something more empire waisted- unless you want to show off your baby. Although I really don’t think I wanted to see the shape of Nicole’s underwear.
  2. Keep it clean. The many drapings, the long sleeves, the bold floral prints AND the floor length dress all weigh Nicole down, making her look short. Stick to just one or two of these details.
  3.  Stay away from boho looking prints i.e. paisley and tiers on the skirt- especially the tiers that ruch in like Jessica’s dress at the bottom. I never understood why they keep making those tiered ruched up dresses. It chops the body up into pieces and does nothing for the wearer.

maxi dress- eva longoria + rachel bilson

To look good in a maxi dress when you’re short, take some tips from Eva Longoria and Rachel Bilson:

  1. Boost yourself up a few inches with wedges and pick a maxi dress that falls just  to your feet. It gives the illusion that you have very long legs.
  2. If you want to keep it casual with flats, pick a maxi dress that falls to the middle of your calves.
  3. If you DO go floor length with flats, keep the style and the print simple. Rachel achieves the balance beautifully with the floral skirt and the white tank (center).

Have fun with them this summer!