Update: My conservatism won out and I’ve decided on the cream one. Also, I have a feeling that San Diego may not be as warm as I imagine it to be…… Oh and the yellow thing on the hat are not feathers, it’s a small flower. I know, it’s not the cutest, I would’ve gotten the super big floppy cute ones they had but those are a bit more expensive 😛


It turns out that the best place to go for cover ups this summer is J Crew- especially now that they’re on their final sale.

cover up- jcrew

I went in expecting everything to be short sleeved or the wrong size, but it turns out that there were many selections that fit my criteria. They were cheap too at $20 each- even more so than the perfect one from American Eagle (and I daresay these are of better quality). The sale was so good that I decided to throw in a straw hat. How cute is that hat? It’s only $10 and it completely makes the outfit. In fact, it did such a good job making the outfit that now I’m stuck between the sophisticated cream shirtdress that just touches my knee, or the youthful and pretty pink tunic that just covers my butt. The cream one is more sophisticated and conservative (cause it’s longer) and it would probably match my white with gold stripes bikini more. But then the pink one is more youthful and cute, and you’re only young once, right? Thoughts?

On a side note, J Crew also has a bunch of tissue boyfriend v neck tees on sale for $20. They feel so divine and hangs just right!

Ps. The photos above does not do justice to the cover ups. So try to imagine them worn!