….except I didn’t recognize her. She walked right past me and all I saw was that she was really made up, had gorgeous hair and a really hot body. But her body guards/assistants, the heavy filming equipment and the myriad fans outside made me think that that I should really know who this is. Finally I asked the hotel staff and they clued me in that it was Mariah Carey, filming her latest mv- Obsession. The crazy fans and the extravagant set finally made sense after that.


Personally I’ve never been a big fan of her’s (I would’ve been more excited spotting the filming of Gossip Girl), but it was a good NYC experience nevertheless. On this trip I also tried Craft Steak and Megu. Craft Steak not that great. The steak were overly seasoned/salty, and the steak itself was very dry. I guess this is what happens when all the cow gets to eat is grass. I loved Megu though. It was just my kind of cooked Japanese food place. If you don’t have anywhere to go to last minute, I recommend Megu Midtown. Located at the Trump Tower next to the UN, there was almost nobody there. Yet the food and the service were both excellent. Love love love.

Other random thoughts……. when my friend told me last Thursday that “MJ is dead” I immediately thought of Marc Jacobs and immediately felt really devastated! But then I realized that my friend cannot possibly know who Marc Jacobs is (or if he did, he wouldn’t call him MJ), I googled it up to find that it was actually Michael Jackson. I feel bad to admit it, but I think I actually felt a little relieved it was Michael and not Marc. Marc still has a long way to go to reach his full potential!

Yay, everyone is leaving early today! I’m off to catch my flight to SD. Happy 4th of July everyone!