Has anyone been tempted to get one of these genie/harem pants floating on the racks this season?

Genie- DVF + Alice + Olivia

Because I have. I nearly got these brown DVF genie pants (top left) from Barneys the other weekend. It is a good twist of the regular cropped pants and I’ve always had a soft spot for Aladdin. I figured that the silky material of these pants would also stop me from looking like a hobo. Plus, they’d be very comfortable on the plane. But then after being once subtly and twice not so subtly discouraged against them, I started seeing them differently and realized that there really isn’t much design going on in this DVF Allen pants. In fact, they remind me a little of those horrible gaucho pants from way back then. ugh. The genie pants is no easy trend.

Genie- Sienna Miller + RL

To really get the genie look right, a la Sienna Miller (one of the few celebs I’ve seen to get it right) and the Ralph Lauren runway above here are a few thoughts:

  1. Do not just pick any old genie pants off the rack because they look like genie pants. Pick one with some design and tailoring, like the Alice + Olivia ones (top right). You can see that there are pleats in this one. That makes a huge difference.
  2. Unless you plan to take a page from Princess Jasmine and go barefoot, wear it with cute high sandals. You don’t need to be weighed down anymore than necessary and a pair of heels make everything look nicer 🙂
  3. Pair your genie pants with a structured top like a blazer, a structured cropped jacket or a dress shirt. By structure though, I don’t mean rigid. A casual blazer and a loose dress shirt goes with the harem theme so much more.

Hmm maybe I should give those Alice + Olivia ones a try…….

Image Source: Shopbop