In the past few months I’ve heard a lot about Alexander Wang, he is every magazine’s favourite newcomer and he was the CFDA Swarovski Women’s Wear designer of the year.

 A Wang- initial

When I first heard about him, I naturally browsed his runway and his collections online ready to be wow-ed, but sadly I came away unimpressed. His designs either looked very plain (with big holes in the back) or had strange random cut outs about, which I am not sure is very practical nor flattering.

A Wang- Vest

Even on the rack at Barneys it didn’t look too enticing (his drapey designs just don’t hang well). But after hearing all the rage, I figured I should at least give him a chance, and so I picked up the most interesting looking thing on the rack I saw and tried it on. I was super impressed! The hangs just right on your shoulders and the details are amazing. It unexpectedly buttons up assymmetrically. The combination of the wool and silk is done beautifully to fully reflect the boldness of wool and the flirtiness of the silk. I especially love how the silk is impeccably arranged in folds. And you probably don’t see it here, but the silk part at the back actually splits up, but is delicately held together at the bottom with a button. I wore it today with a white tank underneath and skinny jeans and felt distinctively unique- in a very cool rocker chic kind of way. It cleverly combines femininity with the current masculine perfectly.

The description below from his website suddenly makes so much more sense!

“Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress on their off-days that are most intriguing. It is during these in between wayward days when a person’s true style emerges… the girls he dresses stands out, but not in the obvious way, more like the black sheep in a crowdinspiring, surprising and slightly mysterious”

Image Source: ShopBop