The other day in a rush of high, I went to Neiman Marcus and bought the dress below (on the right). I simply loved the floral print and the color (my favourite!). Plus, it was on sale for over 50% off and still had my size. Is it fate or what?

Marc by MJ- Ice Lilac Dress2

As per my usual custom, I immediately showed a picture to HG. She was initially very excited for me, cause she loves this Marc by MJ print too. Nevertheless, she very frankly told me that something is off and that it made me look really washed out. My other friend told me I looked like one of those weak sick patients in a movie…….

Needless to say, my initial high for this dress went down a little. Then I came across this shopping article and thought #10 was pretty on the spot:

“10: Finally, no copouts or compromises. If you do not, there and then in front of that mirror, love whatever it is as much as you loved your favourite things when you were little (mine was a puff-sleeved cotton dress printed with yellow train engines – you need to know your benchmarks), then put it back on the hanger, thank the staff and leave.

Remind yourself, “Style is saying no” (Diana Vreeland, I think). Short of a third world war, those shops will be there next time with even more beautiful things. It’s life, not life and death. If it’s not perfect for you at that moment, simply do without.”

I realized that this is not really the purple floral print dress I wanted. What I want is the double tiered version on the left (above). The style makes the dress that much cooler, and I was only willing to settle for this one cause this one is cheaper. There’s something about the fringes that makes the dress look off (dare I say a little frumpy?). So bearing in mind that there will be plenty more fish in the stores next season, I went back and returned this one today.

Image source: Saks