I mentioned him back in March in my FW09 Paris fashion week post on Chanel, but somehow last week I randomly got a lot of hits from him. I had no idea why, but it did get me curious enough to google Baptiste up some more. Seems like since March, he’s been even more in the spotlight, rising to become the number 1 in MDC’s Top 50 Male Models Of All Times Listing.

Baptiste 3

I don’t know much about male models, but I’m not surprised. With his dreamy dark and handsome looks, he looks like he just walked out of a regency romance. Throw in a charming and adorable personality (I don’t know a word of French, but I can just tell that he’s absolutely darling- and did you check out those abs???) and who can blame the fashion world for swooning?

Baptiste 2 

I can totally see why Jerry Hall  looks so giddy here with Baptiste giving her such a sexy smothering look. Can you believe that Jerry Hall is 52 here and that Baptiste is only 19??? And he might look like a sexy Italian, but he’s actually born in France!

I don’t usually obsess over celebrities/models that much, but Baptiste is hard to resist. Karl has good eyes, picking him as his new muse. Learn more about Baptiste here!